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About Us

Welcome to our small world of beauty and happiness!

We are two mothers with a small business from Bulgaria. It all started as a hobby, but it grew into a business. At the beginning there was just a sewing machine, an idea, lots of enthusiasm and infinite dreams. And it slowly grew into the online shop you are seeing now.

Today Blossom Bay Decor is synonymous for quality and beautiful design. Being moms ourselves, we always valued quality products made to last that also look beautiful – that is what Blossom Bay Decor brand strives for.

To achieve this, we use the softest cotton blend fabrics and premium 100% hypoallergenic antibacterial stuffing made in Bulgaria! All braids, bibs and bed linen are handmade in Sofia, Bulgaria. We currently have 30 colors available, and any size you need for your baby crib or toddler bed coverage needs.

We carefully manage the production of our products and each is handmade especially for you with love and attention. As a small family-run business, we are grateful for your support and we are honored that through our products you allow us to become a part of your family.

Being there for you and your loved ones is our biggest reward!

Yours sincerely,

Gergana and Lyubomira