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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Braided bumper

All our products are ethically and sustainably produced by hand entirely in Bulgaria, meeting existing quality and safety standards. The materials we use are completely safe for your child: we use 100% cotton fabric with the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate and anti-allergic and antibacterial silicone filling class A, produced for us by a factory in Bulgaria.
The team of our company believes that even the smallest thing that surrounds us should be stylish and quality, and the more thought and conscious choice customers use before making a purchase, the less unnecessary things will be produced, bought and discarded globally. In addition, the team follows the rule that when a person is surrounded by few in number, but quality and stylish items, chosen with care and attention by him and pleasing to the eye, this inevitably affects both the person's overall worldview and his attitude to everything else in his life.
In line with this, we offer to buy back your braided bumper after you no longer need it, with a 30% voucher for its value that you can use for anything on our website. This way we can recycle our products and put to rest your worries about what you would do with the bumper when it becomes an unwanted item for you.
And the most important thing: you will not become a victim of mass production, but you will own a unique item, made by hand with a lot of love in Bulgaria, supporting local small producers who are dying under the pressure of global mega-brands and the competition of Asian producers.
All Blossom Bay Decor’s products are manufactured in accordance with the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD 2001/95/EC) of the European Union.

фея имаге

The bumper protects your baby's hands and feet from getting tangled between the bed rails, protects the baby's head from hitting the crib walls and isolates older children from cold walls.

Unlike other types of bumpers, Blossom Bay Décor's braided bumpers provide better air ventilation in the crib. In addition, our bumpers are extremely well padded, so they stay firmly in place and can't squish baby's faces.

Care instructions are included in each product description. The bumpers are machine washable at 30°, coming out almost dry. Leave them lying down until they are completely dry. You can also hand wash or dry clean them.

The larger braided bumpers are not machine washable: they can be hand washed or dry cleaned.

The baby nests are disassembled, and the bumper can be washed in a washing machine at 30°, by hand or dry cleaned. The base is hand washable only.

Bed linen can be easily washed in a washing machine. Lightweight duvets are ironed with a low iron only if necessary.

To go around the four sides of a 60 x 120 cm bed you need a 330 cm long bumper, and for a 70 x 140 cm bed: 340 cm. The length of the bumper is shorter than the total length of the sides of your cot, because it has a volume that must be taken out of the finished length to fit exactly in the bed.

If you have a different bed size, if you want the bumper to cover only some of the sides, or if you want us to split the wrap into parts, don't hesitate to message us on Instagram or Facebook and we'll help you get what you want!

The 3-strands bumper is 16 cm high and ≈ 8-9 cm thick.

The 4-strands bumper has the same thickness but is taller: 22 cm.

If you want the bumper to take up as little space as possible in your child's bed, but at the same time cover the most area, then you need a SLIM bumper. Its braid is the thinnest and most labor-intensive model of our assortment. The diameter of one tube is only 4 cm, and the thickness of the finished product is only 6 cm. At the same time, its height is the same as that of the 4-strands bumper ≈ 22 cm.

If you want different colors to combine yourself or different lengths, feel free to message us on Instagram or Facebook and we will help you get what you want!


In the description of each product, we have specified the production and delivery time. We try to stick to them. If we have many orders, we always adjust the delivery time and notify the recipient so that each customer knows when to expect delivery. As a rule, we make orders within 1-2 working days, and the customer receives them on the third working day. We ship all orders with Econt Express AD.

If you have ordered a customized product, it may take longer to make, and we clarify the exact timescales with you for each specific customized order.

In addition to the products uploaded to our site, we can make a completely customized product for you in different lengths and in different colors. We have over 30 colors and patterns that you can combine as you wish! If you want to see imposed color combinations, just message us on Instagram or Facebook and we will send pictures. Please note that colors may appear slightly different depending on your device and display.

If you have a way to our atelier, we will be happy to see you live and show you our fabrics and products at the address: Sofia, G. S. Rakovski Blvd. 88. Please contact us in advance to be sure we will be there.

Payment methods

We currently support payment by credit/debit card, PayPal, direct bank transfer and cash on delivery. If you have not selected the "cash on delivery" option, your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

You can also pay cash or by card on site at our studio, just please contact us in advance to make sure we will be at the address.

We send our products to Bulgaria, Greece and Romania.

We send all shipments with Econt Express AD.

If you want, you can pick up your order on the spot from our studio at 88 G.S. Rakovski Blvd., Sofia. Please just call us in advance to make sure that we will be at the address.

The website operates with fixed shipping rates as follows:





To address

13 BGN

30 BGN/15 €

30 BGN/15 €

To Ekont’s office




*Please note that for all shipments outside the territory of Bulgaria, the cash on delivery option is not available. All shipments outside Bulgaria are paid by credit or debit card or by direct bank transfer when ordering.

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