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Braided Baby Nest 2 in 1 – White


This beautiful baby nest is a multi-functional product. Initially, when the baby is small, the nest protects him (for example, when he sleeps next to you) and gives him the much-needed comfort and snuggle that he is used to from the warm and narrow womb of his mother.

Indivual order
If you need a different length, whether shorter or longer bumper, or  you want different colors to combine yourself, or if you have a Stokke bed, you can order here or write to us on Instagram or Facebook: we can fulfil all your wishes!


The baby nest is lightweight and easy to take with you when you travel by simply slipping it into its original bag with convenient handles. Thus, your baby will always feel “at home” and will not have to get used to a new place to sleep. Babies feel more secure and calm following their routine and familiar things.

Our nest transforms with your child: when he grows up and starts sleeping in the bassinet, the braided bumper is untied from the base and can be used as a bypass. When the child moves to a large bed, the bumper insulates him from the cold walls during sleep.

Later, when the baby is older, you can place him on his stomach with your hands in front of him, with the braid passing under his chest and armpits. This position will allow him to play, hold his head up, stretch and learn many new things.

All materials are absolutely safe for your child. We use high-quality hypoallergenic and antibacterial class A silicone filling, which does not change its shape over time, foam and 100% cotton fabrics with the OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certificate.

Outer part ≈ 83 cm x 62 cm
Inner part ≈ 68 cm x 46 cm
The braided ring (wall of the nest) is 16 cm high and 200 cm long

Detach the collar from the socket base and you can hand wash, machine wash at 30°C with a gentle spin cycle or dry clean. Without a dryer (after washing in the washing machine, the bumper comes out almost dry). The base of the nest can only be washed by hand!

* Due to the differences in the displays and monitors of different devices, a slight difference between the colors online and the actual colors is possible.

** Do not leave your baby unattended!



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