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How are our products washed and maintained?

Care instructions are included in the relevant product description. The bumpers are machine washable at 30 °, coming out almost dry. Leave them lying flat until they are completely dry. You can also wash them by hand or use dry cleaning.

Larger four-string braid bumpers do not fit in a washing machine: they can be washed by hand or given to dry cleaning.

How do I know exactly what length of a bumper I need?

The best way to find the right length for you is to use a measuring tape. Measure the circumference on the inside of the bed (you can also use as a starting point the size of the mattress) that you want to be covered by the bumper. To go around the four sides of a bed 60 x 120 cm you need a bumper with length 330 cm, and for a bed 70 x 140 cm you need 340 cm length.

Because the braided bumper has volume (width), its length is shorter than the circumference of the mattress.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us!

How long will it take to receive my order?

In the description of each product we have specified the time for production and delivery. We try to stick to them. If we have many orders, we always adjust the delivery time and notify the recipient so that each customer knows when they can expect delivery.

As a rule, we make the orders within 5 working days, and the client receives them on the sixth working day for Bulgaria. Orders for Greece and Romania are received on the seventh working day after the order has been placed; orders to the rest of the world are received on the tenth working day after an order has been placed.

Why are delivery times so long?

Unfortunately, our handmade products need longer delivery time because we only make them to order. We have nothing in stock. This has the advantage that each customer receives an individually and specially made product for him.

Can you complete an order faster than specified?

If you urgently need something, you can contact us and we will make your order with a priority.

Where can I see the colors?

Each product has a photo of all the colors we currently have with the corresponding number, with which they appear on our site. If you want to see superimposed color combinations, just email us and we will send you photos. Please note that colors may appear slightly differently depending on your device and display.

If you have a way to our studio, we will be happy to see you and show you our fabrics and products at: Sofia, 88 G. S. Rakovski Blvd. Please contact us before you drop by so we can make sure we are at the atelier.

How can I pay?

We currently support credit / debit card payment, PayPal, bank transfer and cash on delivery (only available for orders in Bulgaria). If you have not selected the "cash on delivery" option, your order will be sent only after receiving the payment.

You can also pay by credit/debit card at our atelier, just please contact us in advance to make sure we are at the address.

To which countries do you deliver?

We ship our products worldwide, except to countries to which DHL does not deliver.

With which companies do you make the delivery?

For the territory of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania we deliver all shipments with Econt Express AD. For the rest of Europe we use the services of euShipmets, and for the rest of the world we send shipments by DHL.

If you want, you can pick up your order on the spot from our studio at Sofia, 88 G. S. Rakovski Blvd. Please just call us in advance to make sure we are at the atelier.

How much does the shipping cost?

Current delivery costs can be found in our terms of delivery and payment. Most packages weigh 3.5 kg, so unfortunately the transport costs are relatively high.

Our site works with fixed delivery prices as follows:




Greece and Romania




Other countries


FREE Delivery  for all shipments to the office of Econt

Express AD

Delivery price for all shipments to customer’s address

with Econt Express AD is
10 levs

Delivery price for all shipments to customer’s address

with Econt Express AD is
14 euro

25 euro

25 euro

25 euro

30 euro

Crib Bedding

25 euro

25 euro

25 euro

30 euro

Baby Nest

75 euro

75 euro

75 euro

80 euro

Braided Bumper or sets

115 euro

115 euro

115 euro

120 euro


*Please note that for all shipments outside Bulgaria, the cash on delivery option is not available. All shipments to the European Union (excluding Bulgaria) and outside the European Union are paid by credit or debit card or by direct bank transfer when ordering.